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AGM Planning/EC Conference Call - Dec 10, 2017

Attendees: Anup ji, Manisha ji, Rashmi, Bhupendra ji

1) Anup ji reviewed the decisions made in BOT Meeting on Friday 12/8/2017 held at his residence. Anup ji was there as liaison between EC & BOT

a) By-Laws Compliance

a. Anup ji discussed the importance of by-law compliance.

b. BOT has also agreed that we should comply with by-laws

c. Starting from next year we should make sure to comply with by-laws

b) AGM Election process and open positions

a. It was decided that election will be held for EC and BOT in next AGM meeting

b. Even though President and Secretary have completed only one year, they were nominated because of resignation so election will take place in 2018.

c. Every year 2 trustees need to be nominated but this 5 Trustees position are open due to resignations.

d. Anup ji indicated that according to by-laws, each EC member can serve max 2 consecutive terms. For VP & Treasurer, 2018 – 20 will be last term but President & Secretary can serve for one more term after that as last time not selected via regular election process.

c) Suggested Operating Model for EC and BOT

a. Anup ji indicated that after discussion with BOT, to comply with by-laws, operative model was drafted.

b. Anup ji had emailed the copy of the operating model for EC members to review before the meeting.

c. All EC members were ok with assignment of responsibilities to them in the model.

d. Anup ji mentioned that it was discussed that BOT members should be actively involved and should meet 3 times in a year.

e. Two members audit committee will be formed starting from next year. Anup ji suggested Mr. Pedi and Mr. Katiyar as possible candidates for the Audit committee. Other EC members provided their consent on the selection. Anup ji will send email to them to confirm.

f. Treasurer will have to keep all receipts of expenses and keep them appropriate folders.

g. Secretary will have to keep all relevant documents. Rashmi agreed to keep from the current year as it will be difficult to get hold of all past documents.

d) Election, nomination forms and deadlines, etc.

a. Election committee will be sending the details and guidelines regarding election and nomination process.

b. Rashmi will have send the required emails to all members.

c. Anup ji agreed to help Rashmi to provide help in communication to members regarding election process.

2) Status on AGM/Republic Day program - Manisha ji provided the details on preparation of AGM/Republic day program

a) Timing for AGM and Republic Day program

a. Program timings & details were discussed and revised. New details need to be updated on the flyer.

b) Venue/Food location and costs

a. Venue, Food, Cost, etc. discussed which were already been finalized.

c) Cultural Program items and performers

a. Manisha ji indicated that for cultural program only patriotic songs and music performances will be included.

b. Since stage is not big enough at the Venue (Shagun restaurant), it will not be possible to have any dance performance.

c. Manisha ji indicated that as per operating model, she will be just overseeing the cultural committee. She had reached out to new members and decided that Mrs. Saroja Sagaram will be the coordinator of the cultural committee.

d. Anup ji mentioned that we can start new committee from 2018 and this program can be coordinated by Manisha ji and Indira ji.

e. Anup ji stressed that all committee need to work with him and we would decide as a group who should head cultural and other committees. Anup ji did not want Saroja ji to be coordinator of cultural committee as he does not know her well.

f. Manisha ji indicated she should be given free hand to decide who should be handling the cultural committee as she had to work with that person.

g. Rashmi and Bhupendra indicated that we can give a chance to Saroja ji and see if she can manage it. If not up to the mark then can be decided to change.

h. It was decided that Manisha ji will call performers who can participate in the Republic Day program. If we do not have enough performers for 30 min program then an email will be sent to members for participation.

d) Flag Hoisting

a. Mr. Narendra Garg will Hoist the flag

e) Flyer and email to members

a. Rashmi had already sent draft flyer to EC members for review.

b. Rashmi will update the flyer with new details.

c. Bhupendra ji will update website for accepting Paypal payment

d. Rashmi will send the flyer to all members by Dec 18.

f) Front Desk and Tickets

a. Ticket prices were decided earlier

b. Richa ji and Bhupendra ji will handle front desk duties

g) Next Program meeting

a. Next program meeting will on Jan 7th 9 pm.

3) 2018 (Future) plans – general points were discussed regarding future working model

a) EC members and Roles/Responsibilities

a. Roles and responsibilities were discussed as per the operating model

b. Based on new operating model, Rashmi indicated that she does not want to continue as in-charge of Communication committee.

c. For committee volunteers, a list should be created and then decided who join which committee.

d. No agreement could be reached how we will decide on committee coordinators.

b) Potluck schedule

a. Potluck schedule for next year will be decided later.

b. Manisha ji proposed that we should reconsider frequency of Potluck lunch/dinner. 4 Potluck lunch dinners should be enough. Everyone oks with the idea.

c) UPAGP Programs

a. As per the operating model, there are 6 UPAGP programs in a year.

b. Manisha ji had requested to consider only 4 programs as UPAGP programs as in other two programs (PGF, CIO/FOI) we only participate.

c. Anup ji had opinion that even though we only participate in the two programs, planning and efforts of UPAGP volunteers are required so we should be considering them as UPAGP programs also.

d. No consensus was reached on this and will need to be discussed further.

d) EC Election during

a. Anup ji mentioned that BOT wanted to confirm if same EC team wanted to continue for next term so member of existing can be nominated for next term.

b. Rashmi and Bhupendra ji were ok to be nominated for next term. Though Rashmi mentioned she was willing to do only for one more year so would it be possible to replace with someone else after one year.

c. Manisha ji wanted to think over it before confirming if she wanted to continue. Some differences with Anup ji due to his expectations and working style making her think if she wants to continue.

d. Manisha ji indicated she had asked to have a combined BOT & EC meeting to discuss about the future working model and differences within the team. Anup ji mentioned that BOT meeting had already happened so there was no need to have a new meeting.

e) Additional discussions continued for some time to discuss what are the issues and differences, how they should be resolved and how we as EC team should work in future. Manisha ji had dropped off from the later part of the meeting. It was later decided to have a face to face EC meeting to discuss on this in near future. Meeting concluded little after 11:45 pm (planned for 9pm – 10pm).

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