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UPAGP Potluck Team Meeting & New Members Welcome - June 4 2017

Meeting Place: Manisha Jain and Atul Sangal's home Attendees: Manisha and Atul Ji, Anup Ji & Indra ji, Umesh Ji, Brij Shrivastava Ji, Vishal and Ila , Raj Khare ji & Usha ji, Rashmi and Anit, Sonal & Prashant New members: Archana and Sidtharth, Archana & Manish Shukla. Pankaj and Gyatri Guglani, Sachit and Arpita Kakkar, Amit and Meena Doshi, Raj and Archana Badhan, Shipra and Akhilesh Mishra, Sidhartha and Archana Sharma After socialization and lunch, Anup ji conducted the meeting for which the agenda was distributed in advance. * Welcome to new members. Eleven new families have joined UPAGP since last Potluck meeting in Apr. * Anup ji gave overview of site to new members. * Future events & their dates are confirmed - Summer Picnic – July 9 - Philadelphia Ganesh Festival (PGF) Volunteering – Aug 30 - Bus Tour - Sep 09 - Diwali – Oct 28 - Charity – December * Next event is going to be summer family picnic. - Picnic date - July 9 - Venue, catering, and other details have been finalized - Communication sent to members and non-members - People can buy the tickets on Paypal payment will be preferred. * Separately executive committee & leadership meeting was conducted. Following items were discussed: a. Website upgrade - Ila: Specification finalized; waiting for quotes for development. b. PGF - UPAGP will provide dinner to approximately 200 devotees at Bhartaiya temple on Aug 30. Additionally, car parking volunteering will be done be the association members. Communication will be sent to members for donation.

c. Bus Tour –Trip to Atlantic city on September 9. Usha ji provided details of the trip. Only 54 seats are available and will be on first come first served basis. All members are encouraged to buy the tickets as soon as possible. Tickets should be bought from using Paypal payment only. d. Diwali function will be Oct 28th Oct. We will be hosting Ramleela for Diwali. Venue needs to be decided. Mukesh ji would be evaluate Auditoriums. Other members are also going to check the possible venues. e. Registered Address of the association needs to be changed to Anup ji address. f. Follow up required with CIO (Council of Indian Organizations). g. Next Potluck meeting will be at Mukesh ji’s place on Sun Aug 6 2017. h. Next conference call meeting will be on July 02, 2017.

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