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UPAGP Technical & Team Meeting - May 7, 2017

Meeting Place: Anup ji & Indra ji’s home Attendees: Anup ji, Indra ji, Umesh Ji, Dr Brij ji, Anitji, Rashmi, Manisha Ji, Mukesh ji, Vishal ji, Ila ji, Bhupendra ji, Usha ji, PrashantJi.

Thanks to Anup ji & Indra ji for hosting the lunch meeting.

Meeting Minutes: Technical Discussion

1) Demo on and UPAGP documents/updates was given by Bhupendra Ji/Rashmi Ji

2) Evite tool will be used for all team meetings and Rashmi/Prashant Ji will send them out when needed.

3) Event emails to all members will be sent with embedded flyers & “Buy-Button”, where possible, by Rashmi/Prashant Ji

4) High level requirements for desired enhancements to and record management were discussed as follows:

- UPAGP.COM: New member page; Sponsor (Ads) page with attachment; Event Pages (1 per event) with Buy-Tickets

Button; Sending checks with email to;

- Record/Database Management: Assignment of Member/Payment-ID; Automated data capture; Online data input forms for new members; Ad-sponsors and donator and data capture; Free ticket counters; Email for new member, donator, sponsor and Team Leads; Automated PayPal payments updates to TD account; Reports on PayPal payments, New Members, Sponsors, Front Desk Lists, P&L for each event

5) Next Steps: Ila Ji will develop cost/time estimates on most economical alternatives for development, hosting and maintenance and present it either by email or during leadership team meeting on June 4, 2017 at Manisha Ji’s home.

6) Content Management: The contents of and Facebook will be managed by Rashmi/Prashant/Bhupendra Ji

MEETING MINUTES: Leadership Team Meeting:

* Joint Venture Initiative: Options with other Non-profit Nearby Organizations will be explored (without any commitments) by Anup, Umesh, Manisha, Pillai, Yogesh (Thakur) Ji and shared in Team Meeting on 6/4/2017

* Team Changes: Katiyar Ji will be replaced by Sonal Ji and Savita Ji will join Venue/Catering team

* Current Status and Plans on upcoming events were discussed as follows

  • Youth Summer Program on Saturday May 27: Richa Ji has sent final flyer and Prashant Ji will send the email to members/non-members. Checks/Cash/Donations will be handled by Richa Ji

  • - Ganesh Festival & Parking on Wed August 30: As last year, UPAGP will donate $500 and Usha Ji will provide flyer and other details by email to Anup ji. Email will be sent to members/non-members for donations.

  • - Picnic on Sunday July 9: -Mukesh Ji presented approx. expenses ($1400) for this event with option for onsite DOSA service.

  • Mukesh Ji and Bhupendra Ji will finalize the ticket price for loading on

  • Manisha Ji will coordinate the entertainment/games/Bingo activities in PICNIC.

  • Bus Tour on Sunday August 20: Usha Ji, Savita Ji and Indra Ji will finalize the cost/ticket details and send an email to Anup for review and obtaining approval to proceed.

* The “Waiver Form” was finalized and Prashant Ji will post it Team Documents

* DATES For Other Upcoming Events:

  • DIWALI: Saturday October 28, 2017; Mukesh Ji to decide Venue and Umesh / Manisha Ji to explore options for RamLeela and book it in advance to avoid date-conflict

  • CHARITY Program: Saturday December 9, 2017: The new-initiative-team will work out the details

  • AGM/Republic Day: Saturday January 27, 2018: Venue – Temple as it will be free

  • VALENTINE DAY: Saturday February 17, 2018: The new-initiative-team will work out the details

  • HOLI: Saturday March 3, 2018: Venue, catering, cultural tasks TBD

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