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UPAGP Holi Program-2018 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

UPAGP Holi Program-2018 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday, 03/18/2018; Time 8:00 PM



Anup Chaudhry- President

Manisha Jain-Vice President

Mukesh Parmar-Secretary

Bhupendra Singh-Treasurer

Archana Sharma- Broacher and Magazine Lead

Indra Chaudhry- Cultural Program Lead


Following Action Items were reviewed during Holi Program Meeting on March 18, 2018)

All on the team:

i) Send at least one article from your family to Archana Ji for the brochure- by April 7th, 2018

Total 12 Articles needed, EC members will send the articles by March 25, 2018.

ii) Buy Holi tickets ASAP-

7 Families bought the tickets; Calling list have been shared to make the calls to the UPAGP Members about the Holi Program and request them to purchase the tickets online from the Associations website.

1) Srinath Pedi Ji:

i) Call Santosh Ji for PO Box duplicate keys (Anup has one key) to hand-over to Savita Ji and Savita Ji will get it from him.

ii) Bring water containers to Holi Program-

iii) Contact and create Volunteers list per Anup's list from last year

Srinath Pedi Ji was not able to attend this meeting and he didn’t send any updates about the above actions items.

2) Vishal Ji:

i) Send & monitor Mail-Chimp email along with the "letter & rates" to all Sponsors-Completed

ii) Create a list of calling sponsors -Completed

iii) Store all Ads in Folder-Work in Progress

3) Manisha Ji:

i) Update the Holi Task List per meeting discussion and send to the team two days before next Holi Program Meeting on 3/18/18-Completed, also she will update the task list from March 18th meeting task status call.

ii) Explore and book PICNIC venue for June 17, 2018, where boating is possible-WIP by the end of this week.

Work in Progress, Manisha Ji made a couple of calls to the Peace Valley Park office, but went to the voice mail. She will try to call them again and book the picnic Venue. Also, she will share the park reservation office details if the park is not booked by 03/21/2018.

4) Mukesh Ji:

i) Get estimates for Gujia from Shagun –Work in Progress

ii) Manage folders with proper security and other sites/tools defined as his primary role.- Work in Progress

iii) Explore external venue for DIWALI where some limited fireworks (like Phuljhari) for small children may be possible-Work in Progress, spoke to some people, waiting for their response.

5) Archana Ji:

i) Create a call-in list for the team to call members for Holi-Sent by Archana Ji- Completed

ii) Actively solicit/call members for sending their Holi articles before the due date of April 7, 2018-Work in Progress

6) Indra Ji:

For Diwali program, explore options to bring an external performance group and work with Mukesh Ji and Manisha Ji-She will work on this task after Holi Program

Holi Program task list was reviewed, and the current status of the tasks was updated. The latest tasks list will be uploaded on to the UPAGP folder by 03/21/2018.

Next Holi Program Meeting: Sunday, 04/01/2018 At 8:00 PM


Mukesh Singh Parmar

Secretary, UPAGP

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