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UPAGP Post Diwali 2017 Program Review & EC Meeting

Meeting Date & Place: Nov 19, 2017 Shagun Indian Cusine Attendees: Anup Ji & Indra ji, Usha ji, Vishal & Ila ji, Rashmi & Anit, Manisha & Atul ji,Bhupendra & Anshu, Prashant & Sonal, Aayush & chandana.

After lunch, Anup ji conducted the meeting with all attendees. 1. Anup ji discussed Diwali program with team

  • Feedback was mostly positive – people appreciated Ramleela program, were happy with food and all arrangements.

  • 265 people attended the program.

  • Total sponsorship collection was $8000.

  • Due to various Diwali programs on same date, attendance was affected. In future, program dates should be selected considering all factors.

  • It was agreed that Program date and Venue selection should be done at least 6 months in advance for programs in future.

  • Anup ji thanked to leadership Team and all volunteers who helped in planning, venue, sponsorship, communication, food, cultural program, decoration, front desk, etc. to make the program a remarkable success.

2. AGM/Republic Day Program

  • Date : Sun Jan 28th 2018

  • Venue:Shagun Indian Restaurant, (222 E Main St , Collegeville, PA 19426)

  • Ticket Price: $12.00 (adult), $10.00

  • Flyer: ManishaJi will create it

  • Cultural Program: Manisha, IndiraJi will plan decide

  • Program details/timings 12-4:30 PM, - 12-1 Flag ceremony - 1 - 1:30 Lunch - 1:30-2:30 Cultural Program - 2:30-3:30 AGM Meeting

3. Holi Program

  • Date : Sat Apr 7, 2017 (most likely, need to be confirmed)

  • Venue : Bhartiya temple; Manisha ji will confirm with the temple

4. AGM Election

  • Vishal ji will co-ordinate with other BOT members. BOT members will their meetings to finalize this

  • Following are the current Trustees : 2017- Umesh Chandra; 2016: Yogesh Thakur and Dr. Dinesh Tewari; 2014: Vishal Awasthi, Usha Arya; 2012: Dr. Ramesh Gupta

  • New trustees need to be elected this year

  • New Trustees name suggested by Anup Ji - Mr Pillai and Mukesh Ji.

5. To help with all committees, it was discussed to contact new members who may be interested to volunteer.

  • New members who may be interested are: Amit/preeti Agarwal; Archana Sharma; Anuja Nath; Gayatri Guglani; Saurabh Srivastava; Saroja Sagaram; Navish Mittal; Vikas Kohli; Lalita Vohra

6. Potluck meetings

  • Dec 3 2017 Potluck meeting is canceled

  • First potluck lunch meeting of 2018 will be at Savita Rai ji place on Sun Feb 11 ( 12 – 4 pm).

  • Next potluck meeting (before Holi) will be on Sun Mar 18 (Tentatively at Chandana ji’s place)

  • Future potluck meetings: Jun 3 (Vishal ji), Aug 5 (Manisha ji), Oct 7 (Bhupendra ji), Dec 2 (Anup ji).

8. Conf calls in 2018 :

  • First Sundays of months 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm; Jan 7, Mar 4, May 6, July 8, Sep 2, Nov 4

9. Youth group program

  • Need to plan how to engage existing youth group members and involve new members

  • Few ideas were discussed to bring all members together

  • Vishal Ji, Atul Ji and Chandana Ji will work along with Richa ji to plan activities for youth group

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