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Our Events


We keep finding diffferent reasons to come together and have fun!

Our main events are Holi, Diwali, Republic Day celebration and Picnic. We try to provide a platform for our young talent to show off their talents on-stage and build confidence, but over the years, we have also had the great priviledge of hosting great performances by renouwned artists like Archana Joglekar and Padma Khanna.

We try and bring the true essence of the festivals we are celebrating in our events, so that our younger generation really gets to know what our festivals are and looks forward to celebrating them with friends who are like family. To this end, we make sure to have fireworks, lots of it, on Diwali and lots of gulal for everyone on Holi! 

We also do a summer picnic for everyone to relax and have some fun, and we combine our Annual General Meeting with the Republic day celebration, to maintain our touch with our motherland.

Check out our upcoming and past events in our Calender of Events

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