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Meeting Minutes January 16th

Meeting Attendees:

Umesh Chandra, Ramesh Chandriani, Mukesh Parmar, Rajeev Bajpai, Anup Chaudhry, Manisha Jain, Anshu Singh, Srinath Pedi, Richa Tiwari, Hema Chandra, Usha Arya, Ila Awasthi

Mr. Umesh Chandra started the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and Manisha Jain for hosting

1. Events for the Year

It was decided to set the dates for all the important event for 2016 at this meeting. Following this, the dates were decided as follows-

Holi 2016 event – April 9th

Picnic 2016 - June 11 or 12th depending on venue availability

Diwali 2016 – 15/16th of October. This date helps us avoid the conflicts with Navratri celebrations and other Diwali programs

Chandra ji informed everyone that the Ramleela event organized by UPAGP will be held at ICC in New Jersey on May 7th (tentatively). This event will be sponsored in full by Dr. Ramesh Gupta

2. Election of new office-bearers

The following names were agreed upon for nominations to the Executive Committee for the next term-

Manisha Jain – Vice President

Bhupendra Singh – Treasurer

Arvind Srivastava – Secretary

Anup Chaudhry was persuaded to accept the role of President but due to his work obligations he said he will be available to take on that role after one year and requested that someone else take up that role for one year.

Srinath Pedi agreed to take the position of President for a year, after one year Anup Chaudhry will take over. During this first Year Mr. Chaudhry will actively participate in the EC meetings and work closely with Srinath.

3. Responsibilities of Office bearers

Ila Awasthi presented some suggestions on modifying and clarifying the roles of the Executive Committee members.

4. Formations of small working committees

Ila Awasthi presented the suggestions for planning committees to support EC. These suggestions were based upon the committees planned in 2012. Mukesh Parmar suggested to add 6 members at large to complement the functions of the EC instead of forming committees. These members at large will take up specific responsibilities and ease up the responsibilities on the 4 EC members. The following names were suggested to be added as members at large

  1. Usha Arya

  2. Indra Chaudhry

  3. Supriya

  4. Mukesh Parmar

  5. Ramesh Chandriani

  6. Rajeev Bajpai

  7. Umesh Chandra

  8. Santosh Katiyar (on request by Anup Chaudhry)

  9. Avinash Mude

  10. Abhishek Agarwal

  11. Anand Awasthi

  12. Saloni Agarwal

5. Members Meetings

It was decided that such meetings will be held every 3 months. Next meeting date was fixed as March 5th at 2 pm at the same venue, Manisha Jain’s Kumon Center in Huntingdon Valley.

6. Direction of UPAGP

Ila Awasthi and Srinath Pedi suggested that before deciding on the programs, we should go back to the drawing board and define UPAGP’s vision on what should be the purpose of our events. Rajeev Bajpai suggested doing one Marquis program every year as it helps with the organization’s name recognition and publicity.

7. Republic day Program

Manish Jain will talk to some artists about performing in the upcoming Republic day event. It was brought to notice that some members are not happy with the venue of the event so there might be a change in the event venue. Srinath will go the the Church in King of Prussia where the previous year’s events were held and find out about it’s availability.

After this the meeting was adjourned.


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