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Post Holi Review Meeting

Attendees - Umesh Chandra, Yogesh Thakur, Richa Tiwari, Ila Awasthi, Anshu Singh, Manoj Tyagi, Manisha Jain.

Yogesh ji suggested to eliminate ticket payments by check to which all committee members agreed.

Richa suggested that from next time we should do either boxes or simple menu because we are facing too much wastage of food every year and too much mess everywhere because of food. The temple hall and Kitchen being very small it is not the ideal environment for elaborate food setup.

Trash bags were not the right size for the temple trash cans. Ila will get large size trash bags soon to keep reserve for future.

We faced the issue of scarcity of volunteers again. There were very few people doing most of the things.

Next time program items will be limited to 20 or less. The most negative feedback from guests was related to the length of the program.

Trophy distribution was not properly planned. Next time we need to plan this better.

Manoj ji suggested hiring a professional to handle sound system in future as we continue to have problems with sound in every program.

Manisha suggested to pack color in small chutney containers so kids can’t play with too much color. But we decided that we want kids to enjoy ‘Holi ka Hurdang’ so this idea isn’t best for our event.

Food creates a lot of problems, mess in the hall, too much cleanup afterwards. Maybe next time we should avoid giving out juice boxes.

Manoj ji suggested not giving program handouts to everyone, keep it within the organizers to account for any last minute changes

Total attendance for the Holi program -

Total 187 kids and adults + 20 Bhutanese members

One family became a new member(Harleen Kuar and family)

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