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Diwali Party Planning

Attendees – Umesh Chandra, Yogesh Thakur, Anshu Singh, Richa Tiwari, Ila Awasthi

We discussed items needed to plan for the upcoming Diwali party-

The response to the event has been great so we might be running into max capacity for the venue. Considering this, an email will be sent informing members to RSVP within one day.

Some new membership forms are expected so Dr. Katiyar will be asked to check the PO Box asap.

Ila will decide and confirm the final menu with the restaurant, making sure there are some whole wheat chapatis in the menu.

No entries have been received for the competitions so a final reminder will be sent about that.

The sound system at the restaurant is adequate for our needs; in addition Yogesh ji will bring his own microphone and system.

As a Diwali token, boxes of 4 laddoos each will be given to each family, provided it can be arranged at this short notice. Yogesh ji will inquire from Rajbhog about this. Won’t give trophies.

Bhupen Singh will buy fireworks from the TNT store for an amount not exceeding $200.

The plan will be as follows – 3 pm arrival, Snacks will be served at 3:30 pm, program will start from 4:30 pm and dinner will be served 6 pm, fireworks outside at 7 pm.

Diwali Quiz – each of us would prepare 5 questions each and send to Anshu by Wednesday. Anshu will prepare the final quiz.

No prizes for the quiz- we might give the winning team extra fireworks.

We agreed not to invest in the Krishna-Leela video.

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