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Officers Bearers Potluck before AGM 2017

January 16, 2017

Event date: 1/8/17

Event Location: Anup Chaudry's House


1)  Follow up after Diwali program.
    - Fixed Dates for our events not possible due to external dependency. All agreed to book 2 dates for our events going forward
    - Bhupen provided the financial details.
    - Bhupen to provide the $200 deposited check from the bank statement to Manishaji so that she can close the rental matter with the temple.
2) Upcoming AGM and Republic day event
    - Venue: Church
    - Ticket Price: 12 (adult), 10 (child)
    - Food: Srinathji
    - Insurance letter: (Srinath ji)
    - Flier: Bhupendra to make and send the email (
    - Cultural: Manisha ji/Usha ji/Indira ji
    - Payment: Talk with Paypal Bhupendra
    - Get helper ladies for serving/cleaning up - Manishaji
    - Invitation: By Evite
    - Time: 12-4 PM, lunch: 1 PM
    - Compiling of Member’s and non-members groups in the outlook account: Arvind Srivastava.
    - Flag pool, UPAGP banner,  mic / speaker: Srinathji to co-ordinate with Ajay.

3) Upcoming Holi Event:
    - Holi Date: April 22nd or 29th (Manisha ji to confirm/book the dates with the temple)
    - Sponsorship committee for Holi Event: This group should start reaching out to people for sponsorship. Anupji suggested that we discuss this item in the AGM meeting

4) Other Ideas/things
    - Should have frequent gatherings (suggested by Anup ji)
    - Follow up necessary for monitoring
    - 4 Times a year meet (suggested by Manisha ji). 
    - Get the new members in the meeting too(suggested by Ila). 
    - Feb 5th to be next meeting at Ila's house at 12PM. Apart from the current group also invite Richa, Mukesh Parmar, Atul Arora, Anurag Jain, Rajeev Bajpai
    - Agenda to be send before the meeting (suggested by Atul)
    - Bio of the new members should be shared in the meeting (suggested by Atul)
    - Get helper ladies for cleaning up at our events (suggested by Anup ji)    
    - List of committee mebers to be shared with Anup ji
    - Get list of committees from the previous MOMs.

5) President Resignation
    - Srinath ji will be resigning from the Presidents post.
    - We need to re-elect a new president in the next AGM meeting.


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