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COVID Fund Raising for INDIA

Dear members,

As we witness that India is going through a tsunami of COVID-19 and subsequent challenges we would like to reach out to the members seeking Contributions for below :

1.Oxygen Concentrator

  1. Video Laryngoscope 

  2. Optical Fibre bronchoscope

  3. Bipap NAV ventilators

  4. Multiple parameter monitors

We as a group are targeting a fundraiser of $10,000 plus from our generous members.

As we are running against time it would be great if the contributions can be made quickly by the interested UPAGP members.

We are targeting May 7th as the closing date for our fundraising as it takes time to send supplies.

The donors can decide on items/units or do cash donation and we as UPAGP organization can arrange and send those over to India ASAP



Bharat Misra                                           Manisha Jain               

Lead Sponsorship Committee                   President

U.P. Association of Greater Philadelphia 
A 501c(3) tax-exempt organization

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